From the most humble beginnings Sunshine Senior Staffing Agency has set out to set the standard of care in the healthcare industry.

We provide COMPASSIONATE and proper care to those who need it most with DIGNITY and GRACE.

Working in healthcare most of our lives, we have a very keen sense of understanding of the healthcare industry and we know what it takes to provide the best care possible in each situation to each and every one of our clients and families.

We have built our team from the ground up made up of ordinary people who do EXTRAORDINARY things, many of us from different backgrounds in the healthcare industry.  To us at Sunshine Senior Staffing it’s the HEART that matters most. We remember that we are meeting people at the most VULNERABLE times in their lives.  We are not just another healthcare agency, we are a family, a community of people who collectively decide EVERYDAY to spread the SUNSHINE wherever we go.  Whether that is in your HOME or out in the community we are here to SERVE, and most importantlyBRING THE SUNSHINE.”