At Sunshine Senior Staffing Agency,

“We Bring the Sunshine.”

When we work as caregivers, we are here to serve.

  • Personal Care Assistance

  • Meal Prep

  • Facility Staffing

  • Light Housekeeping

  • Alzheimers and Dementia Care

  • End of Life Support

We Provide:

  • Dr. Appointments

  • Homecare

Terressa’s work ethic is rivaled only by her compassion, and that compassion extends beyond her patients to her patient’s family and all of those in need.

Our first interaction with Terressa was by happenstance-she was caring for a patient in the same facility as my mom. Terressa was so loving towards her patient and was engaging her patient in conversation, however my mother, who was blind, thought the question was directed at her, and my mother answered, asking for water, and Terressa never skipped a beat! It’s in her character.

Since then, Terressa was in our lives caring for my mother as needed, up until the very night my mom passed.

I trust her. I love her for not only the care she gave my mom but also the consideration she extended to my dad as she cared for my mom. I truly felt as though she was an extension of our family and that she would never ever allow anything bad to happen to my mom.

Terressa’s company, Sunshine Senior Staffing Agency, looks out for neglect, abuse, loneliness and need. I believe she extends & expects these values with the care her employees are to give and she would tolerate no less. I also work in the medical field and have insight as to the difficulties to which patients might be vulnerable, which is why I have the utmost confidence in Terressa and those she employs at Sunshine Senior Staffing Agency.

Teressa is also diplomatic and walks her talk. Having known her for years, I have watched her take each new situation with grace, and not allow emotions to overpower reason. Theresa rectifies situations while demonstrating once again her faithful caring demeanor.

Please know that if Terressa and Sunshine Senior Staffing Agency are involved in the care of your loved one you can rest and have faith that they will care deeply.

-Nora Bentley

Nora B., Patient's Daughter

I’ve found Terressa to be very determined and able to navigate many obstacles to solve problems and accomplish the task at hand no matter how difficult the situation is.

Craig G., COO, Keys To Manage, Inc.

Terressa has been a very good and loyal friend of mine for several years. Her warm smile radiates her caring and thoughtful personality. She was a neighbor of mine and my late husband Bob. I was taking care of Bob myself. She immediately saw that I needed help. I was so happy with the nurse caregiver she sent to us. When Bob passed away in 2019, she was there at 3am to call the funeral home and my pastor.

Lois G., Patient's Wife

Lavon made one of the hardest times of my life bearable. She was there from the time we called on her until my father departed this world to his next journey making sure he was comfortable as well as us. She was knowledgable and a warm presence. Thank you so much! You don’t understand how invaluable you were.

Shantica J., Patient's Daughter

Lavon was our dad’s angel. She held my hand from the time that she suggested we bring hospice to my house to honor his wishes. Her whole team was excellent and very loving and caring. They were like family. Lavon and her team walked us through what our lives would be like until our dad went home to be with his Father. I was so blessed that the Lord led her and she followed him down the path of helping others. We could not have asked for a better sister. The level of care that she and her team gave to my dad was far above and beyond what I expected.

Racine W., Patient's Daughter